Storytelling with Verse in Prose

I remembered telling myself that I hope to work with some those awesome women from Vagina Monologue, and guess it comes true! Mitsy the founder of a brilliant event called Verse in Prose saw me speaking at Nerd Night Phnom Penh and she was interested in having me as one of the speaker for event.… Continue reading Storytelling with Verse in Prose

Video Produced

How to put together outfit for your Kompot getaway | 9 minute styling

This is my third video I made for my Body Positivity/fashion project. This idea of this video comes unexpected again heehheh! I was just traveling to Kompot with my friends and I saw there are many beautiful spot that I would love...


So I was on Khmer Times….

After the release of my second video, I was contacted by Marie Lamy ​​​a journalist from Khmer Times . I first thought Marie was doing a feature and that I was one of the protagonists in her story....turns out the whole article is all about me...I was honestly surprised yet appreciative and honored at the… Continue reading So I was on Khmer Times….


My baby project is Hitting Local Press

I constantly share the content from page to my personal account and I guess eventually, it makes it to my senior, Chamreoun, also my brother from different parents. He was working as a freelance reporter at Vayo FM at that time and was interested in covering up my work for his weekly program. That was… Continue reading My baby project is Hitting Local Press